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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Ennuicastr for? Should I use it?

How much does it cost?

Can I get a discount?

Why is Ennuicastr so expensive?

Why is Ennuicastr so inexpensive?

Why isn't Ennuicastr free?

My recording sounds bad. Did Ennuicastr screw it up?

How many people can be in a recording?

How many recordings can I have?

How long can my recordings be?

Can I schedule recordings in advance?

How long do you store recordings?

My recording expired! Can you bring it back?

Do I have to credit Ennuicastr if I use it for recording?

Can I use or record video?


Recording quality? What's that?

Is ultra-high quality recording worth the price over high quality?

Opus? FLAC? AAC? Audacity? What?!

Will all the tracks be in sync? What if a user joins late, their computer crashes, or they rejoin?

Is my Internet connection good enough to use Ennuicastr?

What browsers does Ennuicastr work on? Is my computer/phone/tablet/toaster good enough to use Ennuicastr?

How does Ennuicastr work on iOS? Nothing else does!

Can I use push-to-talk?

Can you tell me exactly how Ennuicastr works?

If Ennuicastr is open source, can't I just run my own and do my recording for free?

If Ennuicastr is open source, can't I start my own Ennuicastr-like service and undercut you?

Security and privacy

Who are you? Why should I trust you with my audio?

Are you listening in on my audio? Could anyone else be?

My business cannot trust audio data being sent to yours. Can you help us set up our own Ennuicastr?

I want to record my cult, nymphomania support group, racist sermon, and vegan supremacy meetings all on Ennuicastr. Is that OK?

Why Ennuicastr?

Why Ennuicastr instead of a standard audio recorder?

Why Ennuicastr instead of having my guests record themselves?

Why Ennuicastr instead of (similar-looking online service)?


What's the relationship between Ennuicastr and Craig?

Is it Ennuicastr or ecastr?

How do you pronounce “Ennuicastr”?

What sort of a name is Ennuicastr?

You know what “ennui” means, right?

What's the Ennuicastr mascot?

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