Easy multi-track recording for podcasts

Ennuicastr is every podcaster and vodcaster's new best friend: Easy to use, high-quality, synchronized multi-track audio and video recording, on the web, for $1/hour or $10/month.

If you want to record co-hosts or interviewees via the web, and do so with great quality, you've come to the right place. Just create a recording and send them the link. All a guest needs to do is open it in any modern web browser, and they're in the recording! They don't even need to create an account. Ennuicastr acts like a standard voice chat app, but with high quality, multi-track, synchronized recording built in. And since each user is recorded to a separate track, once you're done, editing is a breeze.

Sound good? Then start recording!

How to use Ennuicastr

High Quality

Ennuicastr records in 128kbit Opus, or for quality junkies, lossless FLAC, and audio is recorded locally on each guest's system and sent over a reliable connection. Never sacrifice audio quality. If you're not familiar with audio compression, all you need to know is this: The sound quality is excellent. For video, the codec depends on the browser, but you can set the bitrate and resolution to whatever you wish.

Always Multi-Track

Multi-track recording isn't a tier feature, or a bonus, or an option, it's what Ennuicastr does. Every recording has each speaker's audio (and video if you use it!) in their own track, all perfectly synchronized.

Works Everywhere

Ennuicastr runs entirely in the browser, and works on Chrome, Firefox, Safari 11, Edge 79, Brave; you name it. Works on Android and iPhone. Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Works with screen readers, both for the host and for guests. It works everywhere.


Join late, computer crash, system slowdown, internet drops? No worries; Ennuicastr uses active synchronization, so all audio is always in sync.

Reasonable Pricing

Record and decide whether you like it before you pay, then pay just $1/hour for high-quality Opus or $2/hour for lossless FLAC, prorated by the minute. Or, subscribe, and get unlimited recording for $10/month for high-quality Opus or $15/month for lossless FLAC. Oh, and video recording? That's on the house.


Optional automated mastering, synchronized soundboard, live captioning and caption export, modern audio formats, live audio statistics, Audacity project export, end-to-end lossless recording, and much, much more.

Recording multiple users online is usually surprisingly difficult. Assuming they all remember to record themselves at all, the first task of any editor is to synchronize all their audio, and that alone isn't as easy as it sounds. Even after the initial sync, different microphones have different timing crystals, so they're liable to slowly drift out of sync. On top of all that, if one system has a problem and their recording is unusable, either the whole recording is a bust, or you're forced to switch to a difficult-to-edit single-track recording. Ennuicastr aims to fix all of this.

Ennuicastr is a web-based voice chat tool and audio recorder, which records in high quality (128kbit Opus or lossless FLAC), and is foolproof for end-users. All that regular participants have to do is click a link, give their name or nickname, and talk. Then, each user's separated audio is available for download by the host, all perfectly synchronized to each other. That's really all there is to it!

Ennuicastr is written by Wereweasel, and is open source.