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NOTE: During the beta, everything is free. The following will become true when the beta is over.


Try Before You Buy

Make a recording and download a sample for free. Only pay if it's satisfactory.

High Quality

$10/month or $1/hour for high quality recording: 128kbit Opus with voice activity detection.

Ultra-High Quality

$15/month or $2/hour for ultra-high quality recording: Lossless FLAC and/or continuous recording.

If you just want to try out Ennuicastr, you don't need to pay anything: Just record! You will be able to download a sample of the audio, and pay for it only if you think it's worth it.

The simplest way to pay is a subscription: For $10/month, you can make unlimited recordings with 128kbit Opus and voice activity detection. For $15/month, you can make unlimited recordings with lossless FLAC or continuous mode. You can choose to subscribe after you've made a free recording and listened to the sample.

Otherwise, you can pay a small fee per recording to download the non-sample version. Ennuicastr costs $1/hour for most recordings. The minimum payment is $2 (due to transaction fees), but the excess is credited towards future recordings.

More precisely, Ennuicastr costs $1/hour for recordings of up to four users (including the host) at standard quality: Using 128kbit Opus, with voice activity detection. This quality is sufficient for most purposes. Beyond four users, each additional user costs $0.20/hour. The price is calculated by the minute (that is, prorated by the minute), so a short recording can technically be as inexpensive as 1⅔¢.

You may optionally use ultra-high-quality recording features: lossless FLAC for recording, or continuous mode. If you use either or both of these features, the price is $2/hour for recordings of up to four users, and $0.40/hour for each additional user (that is, double of the price at standard quality).

In all cases, payment is through PayPal.

For those who want to know the precise details: At the end of every minute from when you start recording to when you stop (including the last one, which may be partial), Ennuicastr calculates a charge for that minute. If you pause recording, the charge timer also pauses. The charge is based on the number of users connected at any time during that minute, even if they weren't connected at the same time. If you have four or fewer connected users, you will be charged either 1⅔¢ or 3⅓¢, if there are no FLAC/continuous users or at least one, respectively. If there are more than four connected users, you will be charged that rate for the first four (preferring FLAC/continuous), and for remaining users, you will be charged ⅔¢ for FLAC/continuous users, and ⅓¢ for other users. These prices are strange at the level of individual minutes, but are designed to add to sensible prices at the scale of hours. Internally the calculations are done in terms of time, rather than cents, so no inexact charges are ever performed (e.g., if you owe $2.01⅓, you'll be charged $2.02, but the excess ⅔rds of a cent are, however tiny, credited towards future recordings).

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