Platform comparison

Ennuicastr is not the only multi-track recording platform in existence. Actually, it's one of dozens. The author of Ennuicastr has put together this table to compare the options most similar to Ennuicastr; that is, online recording platforms that use local recording to assure good fidelity for all guests. Obviously, as this table was compiled by the author of Ennuicastr, you should not consider it to be an unbiased comparison. However, I'm trying not to be overtly biased. I have not used any of these services other than my own; please contact me if any details are incorrect. Also, features are always changing, so contact me if data is stale.

Service Price per month Free plan available? # of tracks Desktop support Android support iOS support Video recording? Other features Software license/availability
Ennuicastr $10 (high quality)
$15 (ultra-high quality)
By-the-hour pricing also available
Sample download 64 (additional fee if paying hourly) Yes (all major browsers) Yes (all major browsers) Yes (Safari) Yes (free) Transcription (beta) Libre/open source software, ISC license
CAST $10 (10 hours/month)
$30 (100 hours/month)
Trial 4 Yes (all major browsers?) ??? ??? No - Proprietary
Cleanfeed $22 (individual, charity, or educational)
$34 (other users)
Yes (no multi-track) 32 Yes (all major browsers) Yes (all major browsers) Yes (Safari) No - Proprietary
RINGR $8 (2 tracks, 22kHz MP3 only)
$19 (4 tracks, FLAC)
Trial 2 (4 for additional fee) Yes (Google Chrome or Firefox) Yes (app) Yes (app) No - Proprietary
Riverside $9 (2 hours/month)
$19 (5 hours/month)
(Additional plans available)
Trial 8 Yes (Google Chrome only) No? Yes (app) Yes (free) Streaming Proprietary
Squadcast $20 (5 hours/mo)
(Additional plans available)
No 4 (additional fee for more, max 10) Yes (all major browsers except Safari) Yes (all major browser, app) Yes (app) Yes (double price) - Proprietary
Welder $20 Yes (watermarked) 8 Yes (Google Chrome or Firefox) Planned Planned Yes (free) Transcription Proprietary
Zencastr $20 (pro plan)
$18 (pro plan paid yearly)
Yes (MP3 only) 12 Yes (Chrome-family browsers only) No No Yes (free) - Proprietary

The above are the multi-track recording systems in the same class as Ennuicastr; that is, which record locally, and thus with perfect fidelity. There are also network recording solutions, but as they lose fidelity, they are not in the same category. They include Craig (for Discord), Mumble, and Zoom.

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