Privacy policy

[This is version 4 of Ennuicastr's privacy policy. It was in effect from 2023-06-23 to 2023-08-28, and is no longer in effect. It is provided here for reference, but is not in effect. Please read Ennuicastr's current privacy policy for the current policy terms.]

The short version of Ennuicastr's privacy policy is: I have neither the time nor the interest to violate your privacy. Your recordings are your own.

More formally:

Definitions and Preface

In this document, “Ennuicastr” refers to the software and services provided by,, and, including but not limited to recording and processing audio in a web browser; “you” refers to a user who initiates recordings with Ennuicastr, and must therefore be registered on; “other speakers” refers to individuals recorded by Ennuicastr who did not initiate a recording, but voluntarily joined one; and “Wereweasel” refers to the company behind Ennuicastr. Wereweasel is a sole proprietorship with no employees—that is, a one-man company—and thus you should understand that this document is essentially individual in nature. This document may be updated at any time. Users whose email addresses are known will be notified by email of any such update.

The nature of recording multiple individuals creates two dimensions of privacy: That you do not use other speakers' audio without their permission, and that Wereweasel does not use any audio without permission. Resolving any privacy concerns between yourself and other speakers is your concern; when a user joins an Ennuicastr recording, they are giving their implicit consent in giving you, Ennuicastr, and, if necessary, Wereweasel, access to their audio. Although for technological reasons it is of course Ennuicastr that is recording you and other speakers, the privacy concerns between you and other speakers are identical to those if you were recording them yourself, as it is you who is granted access to the recordings.

Collected Data and Rationale

Ennuicastr records audio data transmitted to it—that is, sent to it via a web client or any other technology—as well as chat and other data given by you or other speakers in the Ennuicastr software. In addition, it records audio-derived data, such as generated captions and inferred data on voice activity.

In order to register, and thus be able to initiate a recording, you must link Ennuicastr with an account on another service. Ennuicastr collects from that service a service-specific unique identifier, and your full name and email address. When you purchase credit, a record of that transaction will be retained, including the amount, your real name, your email address, and your country. None of the data referenced in this paragraph is collected from other speakers; only a chosen nickname is collected.

This information is needed for the following reasons:

During recordings, Ennuicastr does not have access to any other speaker's real name, address, financial information or similar, unless they've chosen to, for example, use their real name as their chosen nickname or otherwise provide it directly to Ennuicastr.

Like most web sites, all Ennuicastr web services log the IP addresses of all users, for the purpose of identifying and preventing malicious use.

Your Rights

Excluding the provisions set forth in this section, collected data may be kept indefinitely. Audio data and information pertaining to other speakers is normally kept only until the relevant recordings expire, but it is sometimes necessary to retain recordings and, with them, this information.

By using Ennuicastr, you and any other speakers are granting Wereweasel an exclusive, non-transferable license to use your and their data for the purposes outlined above. This does not grant Wereweasel or anyone else the right to transfer it intentionally to any other person or company. When Wereweasel retains recordings for testing or debugging purposes, to the degree that is possible, you will be asked for permission before doing so, but this is not guaranteed, and Wereweasel retains the right to retain data indefinitely. Under no circumstances will Wereweasel intentionally transfer your or other speakers' data to any other person without explicit permission from you or a legally-binding court order, but it is assumed that you can grant permission for any other speakers in a recording you initiated.

The copyright status of your audio is not affected by recording it with Ennuicastr; generally speaking, each speaker has sole copyright over their own creative work. It is your responsibility to assure that you respect the ownership of any audio recorded with Ennuicastr.

Anonymized data and non-identifiable metadata, such as but not limited to the number of active recordings (but not their identities), the total length of all recordings, and the size of largest recordings by various metrics, are regularly published.

Everyone has the right to know the details and extent of their data collected by Ennuicastr, or to have that data expunged. This right supersedes all of the above. To request your data or to request that it be expunged, please contact us at You may be asked to provide evidence that the person making the request is the same as the person whose data is being requested.


Ennuicastr offers several facilities to share recordings and other entities with other users. Anything you share will be made available to any users with whom you've explicitly shared it. Creating recordings or other entities within organization accounts is additionally considered to be explicitly sharing those entities with present and future members of the organization, and anyone that those users may further share with. The privacy considerations between you and any other users with whom you share is separate from the privacy considerations between you and Wereweasel.


While Wereweasel makes a concerted effort to keep all data secure, no one can perfectly guarantee the security of any Internet-accessible system. Wereweasel cannot be held liable for access to your private information through illegal intrusion, even if it can be construed as a consequence of Wereweasel's negligence.


Ennuicastr is subject to several privacy policies due to the services with which it interacts. These are largely irrelevant to users of Ennuicastr, as they promise to keep your data private as well. Ennuicastr is hosted on a server operated by SoYouStart, a subsidiary of OVH, and thus its own data storage falls under OVH's extremely brief privacy policy with respect to that organization: “The Customer agrees that his/its personal data may be stored, handled and transferred by OVH to its affiliates, who shall only have access to such data in order to perform essential functions in the provision of the Service, all in strict compliance with the Customer’s privacy rights.”. Data is transferred from login services to Ennuicastr only within the limits of their privacy policies. Data is transferred from PayPal to Ennuicastr only within the limits of PayPal's privacy policy and only when using PayPal for either login or payment. Data is transferred from Stripe to Ennuicastr only within the limits of Stripe's privacy policy and only when using Stripe for payment.

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